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Kairaba Sandy Villas  highlights the importance of the local people and community by encompassing them in our operations. We believe in helping the community and growing sustainably together by integrating the participation of the locals.


Portraying local culture could be a sensitive issue and must be done accurately. Therefore, we ensure to communicate the indigenous elements correctly and respectfully by consulting with the locals before displaying any indigenous component in our hotels and services. We also encourage our guests to do the same by giving them the right information on the correct way of addressing and complying with local traditions.


We also initiate activities to improve and support the local community in which local entities participate. This includes supporting local suppliers, for example, purchasing produce from local farmers, supporting local charities, promoting the local experience to our guests and more. Before conducting any projects that might affect the community, we ensure to inform and take the agreement of the locals into consideration in order that we don't violate any traditions or cause any damages to the community. 


Respect and support each other to create positive societal impacts.