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About Us

The Kairaba Hotels & Resorts collection

Kairaba Hotels & Resorts is an exclusive collection of high-end beach resorts dedicated to providing “Holistic Holidays” in beautiful coastal towns in Greece and Turkey. Ageless settings and impeccable personalized service make our holiday resorts the ideal setting for rediscovering inner peace and rejuvenation. Come to Kairaba to feel the eclectic vibe, whether it’s a racing heartbeat from exhilarating activities or the musical rhythms emerging from our summer soundtrack.

Partner Brands

Exterior view of the entrance to Kairaba Hotel

Design Plus Hotels

Located in various cities around the world, Design Plus properties are a collection of hotels curated with our guests' experiences in mind where the local culture of various eras blends to offer a delightful sense of luxury. With the ideal mix of superb service and brilliant designs, every hotel tells a different story where guests are the essence of its narration that brings each hotel to life. 

Exterior view of the Kairaba Hotel during daytime

Lemon & Soul Hotels

Located in popular holiday destinations, Lemon & Soul Hotels are always just moments from the beach and the sea. Enjoy a relaxed atmosphere and basic services in a bright, friendly ambiance. These hotels are the perfect reflection of their fruity namesake. Lemon cakes, lemon-based cocktails and lemon patisseries are just some of the delights you can expect. Get inspired by lemon-themed artwork and imagery while enjoying a tangy vacation at an even sweeter price. 

Outdoor pool area with lounges at Kairaba Hotel

LABRANDA Hotels & Resorts

LABRANDA BALANCE - EMBRACE THE ESSENCE  – Balance Hotels showcase spacious and smartly designed rooms with abundant natural light that allows for positive energy flow. A haven to unplug from reality and delve into nature, these rooms promote a relaxed feeling that overcomes guests as they enter each bright, open and nature-inspired space. 

LABRANDA SELECT - EMBRACE THE SUN – Select Hotels are all-inclusive hotels and resorts for families and individuals seeking a wonderful holiday in the sun. World-class facilities and services, wellness and spa amenities, pools and specialty restaurants are only a few of the features guests can expect in these recently renovated hotels and resorts. 

LABRANDA FAMILY STAR - EMBRACE THE JOY - Experience an exciting family holiday at Family Star hotels and resorts. Whether it’s a resort with a mini-club and programming for children, a hotel with professional entertainment for all ages or an aquapark getaway, these hotels and resorts offer holidays steeped in family-friendly spirit. 

LABRANDA CITY - EMBRACE THE CULTURE – The rooms and apartments of City Hotels are clean and well-kept, the ideal haven for working and relaxing. The strategic location of these hotels, in the heart of a city or town, makes them a perfect place for business and leisure travelers alike. 

LABRANDA COMFORT -  EMBRACE THE FUN – Comfortable rooms, neutral colors and straightforward amenities make these full-service, all-inclusive hotels and resorts the ideal vacation spot. Families and individuals seeking a sun-splashed destination near the beach enjoy relaxing rooms and fun activities like live entertainment and live cooking stations. 

Exterior view of the stairway at Kairaba Hotel

MP Managed Hotels

MP Managed Hotels are individual vacation lodging backed by our top-notch hospitality management team. These down-to-earth hotels are found in some of our most exciting destinations, from the sandy beaches of the Canary Islands to the hilltop coastlines of Turkey. These laid-back hotels are perfect for travelers who crave an accessible and friendly vacation experience.